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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Kuala Trengganu (KT) weekend

At the weekend, my wife and I and some friends made a trip to Kuala Trengganu. It was a change from the familiar sites of Kuantan Town (where I spend about two weeks in a month, when duty calls) and of busy and humid Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Trengganu is different, in many ways. It has a slight eastern architecture in its buildings, it has got beautiful beach scenery, the sea is bluer and the sand on the beach is whiter. And the people smallish in stature and quite fair in complexion. I am told that many have their ancestory from the Chinese in Yunan Province. I am no historian but what I am writing here is hearsay. And the upper class of the people over there are mostly of the Middle Eastern origins. And presently the Sultan of Trengganu (one of the nine Sultanate States in Malaysia) is the Yang Di Pertuan Agong of Malaysia (The Supreme Ruler of Malaysia constitutionally).

It was a pleasant weekend, and I was glad to take the boat ride and met this young (almost baby, photo above) girl and her young mother. I met them on the boat when I went on a ride crossing the clear bluish water of the Trengganu River mouth. Currently dredging is being done to clear the sand bars which used to block the smooth flow of the River. For the local, crossing the river by this mean is a daily occurrence and is a convenient way of commuting, but of course they can take a long round about ride by bus if they want to get from that side of the river to the Kuala Trengganu town. And what scenery is presented from the other side of the River. Beautiful!.

The smell of the sea, the cool fresh wind from the waters and the pleasant surrounding was invigorating. And with such beautiful scenery and friendly people who can forget Trengganu.



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