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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Visit Kauai, the northernmost of the Hawaiian Islands. A package trip will
ease all your worries about the flight to the island and local transport
arrangement on the island. Coach class by air and you will be met at the
island Airport by our trained representative who will take you to your hotel by the beach. The package
will take care of all your accommodation and meals arrangement, you just
relax and enjoy yourself. Even while staying at the beach hotel you can
always call on us if need arises. At the end of the stay we will make all
arrangement to take you to the Airport and to see that you will be safely
put on the flight home.

The package will optionally include trips around the interesting spots on
the island, but without compromise to your free time to get into the crystal clear
sea by your hotel or even to laze around on the deck chair by the beach. The
hotel large swimming pool which overlooks the beach is a very interesting
spot to be in, fresh warm water with food and drinks available at your call.
A place where you can laze around, perhaps taking with you your favourite
book or even doing nothing but sunbathing in the warm of the local
all-the-year-round sun. We will include in the package a dinner in one of
the better restaurants in Lihue

The package is also ideal for a family holiday. We will even take care of
young children accompanying the parents so that the family will really enjoy
themselves in this beautiful and unforgettable tropical island holidays
scenario. And overall the package will be very affordable even with the
family accompanying.

The Package is ideal for a getaway period, a honeymoon, a get together
party, or for a family holiday.



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