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Sunday, September 02, 2007


Think of home décor, one think of, among others, Farrey’s, an online store. Farreys has lighting fittings, ceiling fans, doorware, bath products, kitchen products and ventilation products. These décor products are not only for beauty but also for comfort in living. They are functional.

Farrey’s was founded in 1924, http://www.farreys.com/info/about_us.html first started off as a hardware store and lights products. It has a long history of being reliable, with the family members taking responsibility for the business. Except for a minor glitch in its history, it is a dependable organization with sensitivity to prices and discount, and a good employer. In keeping with time, it increases its products to include baths hardware such as towel racks and toilet paper holders.

Its lighting products include simple indoor light fittings to chandeliers, and outdoor lights fitting for elegant homes. http://www.farreys.com/lighting/chandeliers.html
There are thousands of product range, brand, finish and style in each product classification. These are sold at the lowest prices. And these are from top manufacturers. The styles being from traditional to transitional.

Its other traditional product is bathroom hardware. http://www.farreys.com/bath/hamat_bath_faucets/index.html
It has got strength in bathroom hardware right from the beginning of its history, and now it sells such products from contemporary European designs to classic American style using the latest manufacturing technology. And all products are matching products, to suit individual taste.

The other products worth mentioning here is air moving/flow products such as ceiling fans and ventilation products. http://www.farreys.com/ceiling_fans/westinghouse/index.html
Some are from traditional manufacturers while others are from newer elegance manufacturers, new design, many integrated with light kit. All are quiet and soothing. And of ventilation products, they may even include air purifiers. And these are good for kitchen and even bathroom.



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