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Friday, August 17, 2007


One sees the real events and real life in real travel. There is no border to such traveling, and many seek experience and be on the ground with real people and real happenings. Varied activities, various style and interesting (and maybe exotic) places. http://realtravel.com/southeast_asia-reviews-hotels-d368.html
There is no limit for choice destination. One can travel to the tropical jungle of Borneo and to the busy metropolitan of London. Or one can choose to be alone on a lonely tropical beach or watching wild animals in their very own environment.

Travel deals and packages can be chosen to suit. http://realtravel.com/travel+deals
One can fly by any choice airline without breaking up the bank, and stay in the most romantic hotel if one is on a honeymoon, or in expensive hotels with very good discount. And real travel webpage gives one all the details. And one can visit many countries at one go. All these can be packaged. There is no limit when one decides to be a real traveler.

Food is always a challenging consideration when one travels. What does one want in food, the variety can be endless. http://blog.realtravel.com/2007/08/16/scrumptious-food-and-wine-in-perugia/
One can always settle for something that one likes and what one is familiar with. There is always a choice in any country, any climate and any surrounding. And one is never cornered for food choice. Even home cooked food, or at least nearest to home cooked food, can be made available in the most primitive of situation, one only needs to ask.



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