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Friday, September 28, 2007

GPS Insight

GPS Insight is a Scottsdale, AZ based company which provides GPS tracking hardware and services for companies operating fleet vehicles. The GPS electronic instrumentations not only tracks the vehicle fleet movement but also the vehicles and the drivers performance on the road, throughout the USA and Canada, giving an every 2 minute report. The data are collected by the GPS hardware and analysed on line for ease of interpretations. And GPS Insight has got that capability, using AT&T Coverage Tool. http://www.gpsinsight.com/blog

It is essential that to continuously maintain the success of a business, the necessary and up to date tool must be utilised, with the assurance of back up services by the supplier. GPS Insight is one such company and may be the leader in such monitoring of a trucking business using the most up to date gps technology.

The data collected on vehicle and driver’s performances are good measures to monitor fuel savings and routing efficiencies, and to actually give indications of manpower efficiency utilization.

A screenshot of a map in the system may look like this. And the shot shows most current fleet vehicle positions on the highway.

The instrument can easily be installed, even on a trial basis for qualified companies. GPS Insight welcome any fleet customers especially those with heavy transport vehicles. No long term contract is involved and a 30 day money back guaranteed is assured. http://www.gpsinsight.com
Product demonstration can be made at site, with customers’ input welcome. Customers need is taken into consideration when the product is installed in the customers vehicles. With such dedication, GPS Insight products is most competitive in its fields.
GPS Insight is a 24/7 company, office hours being almost full day Monday to Friday, and support at other hours are given GPS staff who can be contacted via a dedicated contact number, and e-mail messages. Its a fully service orientated company.



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