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Sunday, September 30, 2007


Think of beer, then one thinks of Germany. Think of music, art and culture, then one thinks of Austria. And there are no better place to visit in these two countries than Berlin in Germany and Vienna in Austria. Each is the Capital city of the country.

In Germany there is the Oktoberfest (held in Munich), and the Beer Festival in Stuttgart which are held for about 2 weeks for as early as late September to early October each year. Though the main events are held in Munich and Stuttgart, Berlin can be the good jumping platforms for these two southern Cities.

But Germany is also famous for its historical places. Old Palaces and Meuseum are spread all over Germany.
And the State of Bavaria is home to five UNESCO World Heritage sites and the list keeps growing! The incredibly well-preserved old towns of the cities of both Bamberg and Regensburg are the top highlights on the list

Austria is a holiday destination of many facet. Among the famous musical places are Vienna State Opera, Musikverein – Golden Hall, Vienna Mozart Orchestra, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Vienna Boys’ Choir. And among the UNESCO world cultural heritage are Hofburg Castle, the palace, garden and animal park in Schönbrunn. Organised tours can be arranged to show visitors the many facet of the world of Habsburgs, a period of more than six hundred years of Habsburg reign in Austria.

Accommodation in Germany are reasonably priced. In Berlin for example, accommodation can be obtained at Eur 55 per night. http://www.cheaperthanhotels.co.uk/Germany/Berlin/
In other Cities of Germany, prices ranges http://www.cheaperthanhotels.co.uk/Germany/

In Vienna, Austria hotel tariffs may be higher http://www.cheaperthanhotels.co.uk/Austria/Vienna/
It being the main attraction City of the country.
A good 4-star hotel in the city centre in Vienna, is very reasonably priced.
It is provided with modern amenities.



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