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Friday, March 31, 2006

At the Masjid

Others may be watching the floating stage show by the Kuantan River, while many Muslims were at the Kuantan Masjid listening to a religious presentation on Prophet Muhammad PBUH by royal (Malaysian Agong - King -) religious adviser Abu Hassan Din Al-Hafiz, (from Kuala Lumpur).

Floating stage

An old Malay man sitting by the Kuantan River in the morning reminisance of old time, and watching the floating stage for the Malaysian Water Festival show, the opening will be tonight, and famous Malaysian Malay singers will be singing there tonight, and over the weekend to be followed by a display of firework late in the night at the weekend.

And the Malaysian Agong will be present for the opening and for the show.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Night Safari in Malaysian National Park.

wanting to go on night safari at Malaysian National Park. Posted by Picasa

That was a good fun. Our weekend (11th - 12 March 2006)visit to the Malaysian National Park (Taman Negara) was worth it; good company, good accomodation, good food aand best of all the night safari ride. 12 of us in an old pick-up truck, going on a moonlight night in darkness of an oil palm estate. And we saw some wild cats in the bushes, an old sleeping robin on a tree, a sleeping white rat on the oil palm leaf up the tree, and a sleeping kingfisher. But we did not see any tiger or elephants. If we did, we would not have gone that night. And the night safari was worth the two hour rough ride.

We were not the only tourist there, there were ten other pick-up truck (we were told) roaming about that night. And most of them were foreign tourists.

This was my second visit to the National Park. My first visit was in Sept. 2004.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Went "phishing" fishing

Fishing on a fishing platform (kelong) off the east coast of Johore over the weekend. Did not catch much. But we had fried small fries, and enjoying it on the deck. And our sleeping hut on the platform. And the caretaker was a genious, he fished from the floor hole while watching TV - he must have seen too much TV programmes and learning from then Eskimos. We came on Saturday noon and left the platform on the Sunday noon next day. A very good break rom the hustle bustle of the City, at peace with nature - a weekend break with food and lodging provided.

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