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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

i hate the wedding

I HATE THE WEDDING!. Is that too strong?



And I pray that when its over, no other such WEDDING will be so publicised.

For heaven sake, don't go further into when pregnant, what baby, blah blah blah .........

I cannot stand it anymore!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

When memories haunt

On the way back from Taiping (Malaysia) on Friday, my wife persuaded me to stop over at Kuala Kangsar town for lunch. Its really off the way by the North South Highway but its a place worth while stopping. I spent about 10 years of my life going to a elite residential school over there, the Malay College. Its also is the Royal Town of the State of Perak (Malaysia).
Anthony Burgess (of the A Clockwork Orange fame)in his days of teaching at the Malay College wrote books on Malaya (then), the most famous of which is The Malayan Trilogy. However he wrote other books, mentioning Kuala Kangsar (and the King's Pavilion) the extract of which I am putting the URL over here. In those days we only knew him as Mr Wilson.

A beautiful bridge built across the Perak River, about 1 km upriver to Kuala Kangsar town. It just connects the Town to the Malay kampung (village) across the river. And the minor network of roads over there.

Looking downriver the Perak River. The water seems calm but is deep. One of my friends (about 1954 if I remenber properly) drowned at this spot while trying to swim across the Perak River. And in the distance, like a beautiful dome from the Arabian Night is the Perak Sultan's palace.

Looking across the Perak River to Kampung Sayung, a Malay kampung (village) just across the river from Kuala Kangsar Town. Once upon time boats used to ply across taking people across untill they built the beautiful bridge across the Perak River, just about 1 km upriver of Kuala Kangsar Town.

The eating stalls by the Perak River bank, close to the Kangsar River in Kuala Kangsar Town; once upon a time these shops were just dirty shanty buildings. We had lunch there, rice, grilled river fish and some local vege delicacy.

The Kangsar River. Once upon a time it had clear water, may be poluted with the town waste water but clear, running over rocks in the river. Look how muddy it is now!

It was known as King's Pavilion then, where I stayed for 1 year when I first joined the residential school. Now its a girl's school. The building has a very long history, it was the resident of British Resident for the State of Perak, Sir Hugh Low when he was the British Advisor to the Sultan of Perak in late 19th Century. It has a commanding view of the Perak River, and the Kuala Kangsar Town.
Anthony Burgess mentioned about the King's Pavilion in his various books on Malaya.

In 1953 we used to play football in this small field at the bottom of the hill when we first entered the residential school, residing at the King's Pavilion on to of the hill.

A beautifully kept playing field now where once was the roaming ground for cows.

A beautiful bridge at the mouth of the Kangsar River, where it joins the Perak River.

The main residential school building which we call the Big School, and the wide well maintained playing field in front. And the fencing, we had no such fancy fencing in those days, the fence then was just bamboo hedges protected by barbed wires.

The school was 100 years old last year.

The New School and its clock tower. See remarks below with all the other photoes.

When driving past the Prep School. See next photo.

That building is called Prep School. I stayed there for 1 year in 1954. Why Prep School? I supposed, it was to prepare the boys to enter the Big School, the main residential building.

The school clock tower. No such emblem on the face in my days, just plain clock face. I see that untill today the clock still give the wrong tome. This photo was taken at about 2.30 pm on 18 Aug. 2006, on Friday, after the Muslims have already finished their Friday prayers.

The entrance to the building where my classrooms were. No fancy arch in those days, just plain walk-in entrance, and no 'name' as well.

More than 40 years ago I used to enter and exit through this gate going from my hostel (we used to call the Big School) to my classroom (we used to call the New School). In those days there was no fancy gates, they were just plain gates.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


What you mostly see at Taman Gelora, Kuantan (Malaysia)in the early morning.

Every morning these edicated ladies (mostly) and some men will gather at this spot and have about 1 hour of 'senamrobik'. Used to be led by a shrilled voice petit tough looking Chinese lady, playng the excercise music on a portable cassette player. Now I don't see her anymore, somebody else is leading the session. Its a multiracial session, mostly Chinese with a splatter of Malays, some time one or two others.

Chee Gong in progress. This happens only every Sturday morning, but by the Kuantan main beach its everyday.

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