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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Father's day

Its has been about 39 years ago that my father passed away. Just a memory, for this year's Fathers Day.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Easy fishing

Almost in every masjid or surau (small masjid) in towns in Malaysia have these Chubb safes in them, where people attending prayers in these masjids can give donations, the amount depending on their wish. The money is usually used to improve the facilities in the masjid, and there are also masjids which use the money for charity.

These Chubb safes usually have slots/slits on top to facilitate donation giving; just slipping coins or currency notes in through the slots/slits. There is a saying that "in giving to charity, the left hand should not know what the right hand gives". Others should not really now what you give, its between you and Allah. Thus the public Chubb safe.

However there are 'devils' who prey on these safes, taking money out illegally by 'fishing' from the slots/slits on top of the safes - whenever others are not looking or when the masjid (or surau) is empty, usually in between prayer times. Small sticks - enough size and hard enough to go through the slots/slits - with bubble gum (or glue) at the end of them normally can pull out a currency note or two, and if the notes are of big denomination, its like catching a big fish. Usually people on drugs attempts such thefts.

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