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Thursday, December 13, 2007


The name Santorini which is in Greece is a small, circular archipelago of volcanic islandslocated in the southern Aegean Sea about 200 km southeast of Greece mainland. Area of approximately 28 sq. miles, with a population of about 14,000 people. The attached map showing its location, (in red), in relation to Greece as a whole.

And a larger map shown thus, from Google maps. (Scroll down and right to see Santorini using the above map as a guide)

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A more detailed map also from Google,

These are hotels (or apartment) in Sarontini, Greece, and one has a lot of choice, prices to stay per night from EU 70 to EU 300.
These hotels (or apartment) are closer to night life and shopping centres and away from the beaches. But there are also hotels (or apartments) in different location closer to the breach, those on the northeastern side of the island. 2 camping sites are also available in Santorini.

Santorini night life is mostly concentrated on Fira (Thira), a town on the west coast central of the island, and these are mostly an all night affairs. But other villages also have their own night life, especially those with beach fronts.

Santorini grows cherry tomatoes and white aubergine and similar, and these are made into special local dish to be washed down with locally made wine.

Santorini islands are actually the brim of a dead volcano, the result of a series of volcano eruptions long ago in the Aegean sea. But such explosion occured as in 1956, and what Santorini today is the rebuilt version of the original island villages.
Sunset watching is one of the sight seeing activities, and this is followed by active night life as mentioned earlier.


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