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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pak Ngah

Anytime you are in Temerloh (Pahang, Malaysia) on any Sunday, just take a walk along with the local folks in their Sunday Market

(Pekan Sari they say in the local language) and ask for Pak Ngah, the Ubat Kuat (sexually strong medicine) seller and you will be shown him. You won’t miss him. A senior, selling his wares by the road side, his youngish wife bedside him always,

and he will most often be reciting the pantun. And he has a beautiful memory for pantun (a Malay rhythmic poetry mostly in 4 lines verses but some in 6 lines).

He sells mostly locally manufactured, he says he manufactured them himself, aphrodisiac. Well one never knows how powerful his aphrodisiac untills one tries.

He says he has been in the State of Pahang (one of the Sultanates in Malaysia) for the last 40 years. Finished his services with the Malaysia Police, born in the State of Kedah (another Sultanate in Malaysia) and was taken into one of the FELDA scheme in the state of Pahang (FELDA =Federal Land Development Authority scheme) when the Malaysia Government opened up tracts of tropical jungle to give its people land and on these land they planted oil palm and rubber trees, produces of which are sold all over the whole world for foreign exchange.

Pak Ngah is a strong man, one can see his red palm and still bulging arms muscles. He is over 70 years old he says.

A very pleasant and friendly person and one can spend the whole morning at the Pekan Sari listening to his pantun, and seeing his regular customers buying medicine from him.


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