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Sunday, October 21, 2007

welcome to New Zealand

October 2007 is almost gone and November is just around the corner. Get on board to New Zealand, where there will be the Waitakere World Junior Badminton from 25th October to 4 November 07, the Adidas Auckland Marathon on 28 October, the Netball World Championship on 10 – 17 November 2007, and we have just missed the Coastal Yatch Race of 19 -21 October 2007.

NZ is more than a sports heaven, it is also great for food and drink place. Going over from late October 2007 to April 2008, there are various food and wine festivals, the Italian Wine and Food Festival in late October 2007, Awhitu Food, Wine & Arts Festival and the Waiheke Island Olive Festival in early November 2007, Waiheke Island Olive Festival and Devonport Food and Wine Festival the early part of 2008, and Auckland Wine and Food Festival in April 2008.

And of miscellaneous events, the Auckland Cup Week and the Pasifika Festival in early March 2008. A not to be missed multiethnic festival is the Auckland Lantern Festival with performers from China, to coincide with the Chinese New Lunar Year. Another multiethnic festival is Diwali Festival of Lights from 25th t0 28th October 2007 where event-goers can embrace the Indian culture with traditional food, Bollywood dancing and crafts.

One area of interest, and can only be found in New Zealand is Maori Tourism. One can visit and participates in a whole range of Maori activities.

Auckland being the centre of activities, it is most appropriate that Auckland be made the place of choice to stay. One may be able to get a good 4 star hotel in Auckland at about NZD 200 per night. http://www.cheaperthanhotels.co.nz/New-Zealand/Auckland/

And one may also like to stay in hostels, where its cheapest, and where one pays for price per person instead of per room as in hotels.

However one may like to stay in service apartments. There one may choose from Luxury one bedroom deluxe and executive apartments, plus two bedroom executive apartments. Secure payable underground car parking is available. And children are welcome, with high chair, port-a-cot, baby bath available at no extra charge


Saturday, October 06, 2007

going to travel

Traveling for vacation purposes is something to look forward to as vacation is a time of peace, a time of forgetting the hustle and bustle of life, of home, of office, of work; in fact of the world at large. Vacation is a time when one just wants to be alone or with loved ones. Its ideal if such travel for vacation has no rushing about for checking in or for checking out of hotels, no hassle from a hotel front desk. What better choice when traveling for vacation than to go to a choice and private vacation spot, where you may choose a vacation rental where one needs not be among the crowded hotel lobby, the crowded restaurants, the crowded holiday makers transport, their children and all their luggage.

The choicest spot for traveling on vacation is to a seaside location on tropical islands. Such facilities are now accessible right from your living rooms, where enquiries and bookings of all traveling and vacation arrangements can be made on line. This facilities is made available in a website, access worldwide, where owners and managers can list their vacation rentals.

From the Americas, the West Indies are the choicest.

In the Caribbean islands such facilities are available, for traveling to and renting of beach houses, villas, condos or even your very own private resort. http://www.goin2travel.com/goin2caribbean.htm

Bahamas is one of the favourite spots that has much to offer in such on line traveling and vacation arrangement. Nassau on the Bahamas is an international city, and the Bahamas is the closest islands to the United States. http://www.goin2travel.com/bahamas.htm

And if one likes to be in the more private spots and in the centre of the Caribbean Sea then Cayman Islands is an ideal place. http://www.goin2travel.com/cayman.htm In the Cayman Islands there are condos and villas, for booking, facing the open seas, where one can also partake the open seas activities such as scuba diving


UK cheap hotels

Visiting the UK, one may like to visit some of the places of interest to immerse in the local culture and participate in the events of the locals. And bearing in mind getting accommodation at the most competitive price without digging deep into ones pocket.

Visiting Edinburgh, one may not be excused if one does not look forward to witnessing Edinburgh Festival in August each year, and a must visit to Edinburgh Castle. The Edinburgh Tatoo (image below)is a must see. And Edinburgh has an old city and now a new city, combined, making it a place worthwhile visiting. A place full of history for Scotland, a beautiful City with beautiful Scottish countryside. But most of all when one think of Scotland, one thinks of Scotch whisky which Edinburgh can surely offer.

Going west of Scotland, one sees Glasgow, a City which was the centre of commerce and entrepreneurship which today has turned into a Scottish City of style, a city with style shops and culture centres with art galleries and museums (image shows Scotland wild life, this can be found in KELVINGROVE ART GALLERY AND MUSEUM). Every year it holds the International Jazz Festival and in January the Celtic Connections – the world’s largest winter festival of celtic music and culture. The River Clyde has a long history of shipbuilding, and it was from here that the Scots sailed to early America.

And London is a place where everyone has surely heard about, in history, in heritage and in culture. In fact when one mentions any place in London, it is already world famous. The like of Kew Garden (image shows roses outside the Palm House), the West End, Wimbledon, The British Museum, Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, British House of Parliament just to name a few. And of course all the shops in Oxford Street, and the nearby localities. But the London nightlife is a menu to be sampled; the West End has got all the theatres and night clubs and Soho the odds and ends of London nightlife. There is no better place to see the British night life scene than to pay a visit to these two areas at night when one is in London.

Accommodation in Edinburgh, Glasgow or London are available, at prices at the lower rung of GBP 80 for City Centre for Edinburgh, all the year round. It is a good idea if one chooses to be accommodated in an apartment in Edinburgh where one may have the feeling of home away from home. : http://www.cheaperthanhotels.co.uk/United-Kingdom/Edinburgh/

Hotels are cheaper in Glasgow, where one can get a good a reasonably priced hotel for GBP 45 a night. http://www.cheaperthanhotels.co.uk/United-Kingdom/Glasgow/

In London the price of a hotel room is higher, about GBP 100 a night, depending on the locality. http://www.cheaperthanhotels.co.uk/United-Kingdom/London/
However transport in London is so accommodating that one need not choose to accommodate too close to Central London to enjoy the facilities of what Central London can offer.


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

cellular phones

Cellular phones come in many brands with many capabilities; customers tending to select combinations and permutation of such capabilities depending on their needs. These cellular phones physical sizes and their inherent memories also vary. It was originally just a voice communication device, advancing to picture communication capabilities and now even to computer type of capabilities.

From so many brands that came out into the market a couple of years ago, these are now narrowed down into more popular brands, brands and manufacturers that has the niche market. Popular brand names such as Nokia, Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, are the mainstay of cellular phone markets. http://www.shopping.com/xPP-cellular_phones

The market however have less popular brands such as Siemens and RIM

The prices for these cellular phones now varies from as low as $15 to $600+ depending on the cellular phone capabilities. But service plans vary from what the cellular phone is to be used for. These are actually the hidden costs which may not be seen upfront when the cellular phone is purchased.

Presently there are cellular phones with more advance characteristics, fitted with Blackberry, T-Mobile is one. Many are offered very cheaply, just nominal, with special service plan; even though their originally prices may be close to $300 or there about. http://www.wirelessbuy.com/cellphones/view.asp?id=1015

All these cellular phones have additional accessories, hardware and software, for enhancing their capabilities and usefulness of the equipment. These will also add to original purchase prices of the cellular phones.

What a cellular phone may cost now, up front, added with accessories and service plans costs, the device is here to stay.


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