Looking around me I see the bigger pictures. And I write entirely to find out what I'm thinking, what I'm looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Relocation is for those who are moving either because of job needs or because of family needs or for any other reason which calls one to move out of present living location. Or even for those who decides to have no permanent abode.


We have all the information on real estates, homes for sale by real estates, on mortgages and loans, mortgage rates and even for foreclosures. We assure that we can locate the best location, even the nearest good school to the moving location, seek out the best price, the appropriate estate agents, and even calculate the best mortgage rates.


We have professional home inspectors, who can inspect homes on behalf of the buyers, and check out the property insurance. We give the housing options to the satisfaction of the buyer and we can arrange for choices of movers to meet the needs of the buyer to move into the new housing. We can even assist in getting choices of movers for special home furniture, and international relocation on need basis.



Tuesday, January 08, 2008

singer sewing machine

Mention Singer anywhere in the world from the desert of Sahara or Gobi, the jungle of the Amazon or Borneo or the holy city of Mekah or Jeresulam, or the civilization of the western Europe or the Americas, everyone would know what the brand Singer is. Its always have been associated with the sewing machine. Though now it has diversified into furniture.
Established in 1852, by Isaac M Singer in the USA, and now popularly known as the Singer Manufacturing Company.

Sewing machines were invented to decrease manual work in cloth companies. Most home sewing machines use a two thread stitch. And from these were derived many kind of stitches to be used for home as well as for industrial machines. The machine has created positive impact to the fabric and clothing industries immensely since its invention. And Singer sewing machine has got all the latest in sewing machine technology.

And I addition, Singer is also geared to supporting its customers by giving good facilities for delivery and ready availability of spares, with the quickest delivery time anywhere in the world and at the best price. That support include manuals for older machines as well as the latest series of machines.

As the Singer Sewing Machine Manufacturing Co. has got a world wide reputation, for reliability and interchangeability of models, the Co. as well as many parties keep track of all the available sewing machines in many parts of the world, where records may be kept as humanly as possible, and where there is the users support as well as the agency support, many people keep track of these machines. Here is an example.


Thursday, December 13, 2007


The name Santorini which is in Greece is a small, circular archipelago of volcanic islandslocated in the southern Aegean Sea about 200 km southeast of Greece mainland. Area of approximately 28 sq. miles, with a population of about 14,000 people. The attached map showing its location, (in red), in relation to Greece as a whole.

And a larger map shown thus, from Google maps. (Scroll down and right to see Santorini using the above map as a guide)

View Larger Map

A more detailed map also from Google,

These are hotels (or apartment) in Sarontini, Greece, and one has a lot of choice, prices to stay per night from EU 70 to EU 300.
These hotels (or apartment) are closer to night life and shopping centres and away from the beaches. But there are also hotels (or apartments) in different location closer to the breach, those on the northeastern side of the island. 2 camping sites are also available in Santorini.

Santorini night life is mostly concentrated on Fira (Thira), a town on the west coast central of the island, and these are mostly an all night affairs. But other villages also have their own night life, especially those with beach fronts.

Santorini grows cherry tomatoes and white aubergine and similar, and these are made into special local dish to be washed down with locally made wine.

Santorini islands are actually the brim of a dead volcano, the result of a series of volcano eruptions long ago in the Aegean sea. But such explosion occured as in 1956, and what Santorini today is the rebuilt version of the original island villages.
Sunset watching is one of the sight seeing activities, and this is followed by active night life as mentioned earlier.


Skyauction vacation

It is the intention of skyauction to maximize the holiday dollars for holiday makers by auctioning the prices for trips, especially on cruise liners.

These are cheap cruises where the cruise auction may open as low as $1 with no reserve, the buyer having a choice of either buying their cruise at the auction or alternatively buying at the best deal for the cruise.

Skyauction has been in business since 1999 and does holiday businesses for destinations in the USA and Canada, and trips to Europe, Mexico, Caribbeans & Bahamas, Central America, South America, Asia, Australia a& South Pacific, and Africa & Middle East. Its areas of activities are in Cruises, Airfares, Vacation Rentals, Dining & Entertainment, Luxury Travel and in Hot Deals. http://www.skyauction.com/

For Cruises, the choices of liners are unlimited, and one can choose among these, Carnival, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, Holland American Line, X Cruise, Princess Cruise, MSC Cruise, Cunard, Costa, Windstar, Disney, Ocenia, Silver Sea, Regent and Azamara.

However it is to be noted that Carnival Cruise Lines,
which has 23 cruise ships, a big choice to choose from and they cruise to 15 destinations, seasons and weather permitting. The ships are actually “Fun Ship”, a floating resort with restaurants, casino, lounges, spas, duty free shops and night clubs and all are with day and night non-stop activities.

Or one can also choose to cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line,
which has 14 cruise ships to choose from and they cruise to 19 destinations. Again the cruise destinations are season and weather permitting. Norwegian Cruise Line offers vacationer activities to suit, shore expeditions, health and wellness program, or even art auctions and cooking exhibition. Or one may decide not to follow any activity at all but just relax on the trip. One can choose food from all over the world almost 24 hours a day, and one may choose one’s company and there is restriction on seating arrangement when dining.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

welcome to New Zealand

October 2007 is almost gone and November is just around the corner. Get on board to New Zealand, where there will be the Waitakere World Junior Badminton from 25th October to 4 November 07, the Adidas Auckland Marathon on 28 October, the Netball World Championship on 10 – 17 November 2007, and we have just missed the Coastal Yatch Race of 19 -21 October 2007.

NZ is more than a sports heaven, it is also great for food and drink place. Going over from late October 2007 to April 2008, there are various food and wine festivals, the Italian Wine and Food Festival in late October 2007, Awhitu Food, Wine & Arts Festival and the Waiheke Island Olive Festival in early November 2007, Waiheke Island Olive Festival and Devonport Food and Wine Festival the early part of 2008, and Auckland Wine and Food Festival in April 2008.

And of miscellaneous events, the Auckland Cup Week and the Pasifika Festival in early March 2008. A not to be missed multiethnic festival is the Auckland Lantern Festival with performers from China, to coincide with the Chinese New Lunar Year. Another multiethnic festival is Diwali Festival of Lights from 25th t0 28th October 2007 where event-goers can embrace the Indian culture with traditional food, Bollywood dancing and crafts.

One area of interest, and can only be found in New Zealand is Maori Tourism. One can visit and participates in a whole range of Maori activities.

Auckland being the centre of activities, it is most appropriate that Auckland be made the place of choice to stay. One may be able to get a good 4 star hotel in Auckland at about NZD 200 per night. http://www.cheaperthanhotels.co.nz/New-Zealand/Auckland/

And one may also like to stay in hostels, where its cheapest, and where one pays for price per person instead of per room as in hotels.

However one may like to stay in service apartments. There one may choose from Luxury one bedroom deluxe and executive apartments, plus two bedroom executive apartments. Secure payable underground car parking is available. And children are welcome, with high chair, port-a-cot, baby bath available at no extra charge


Saturday, October 06, 2007

going to travel

Traveling for vacation purposes is something to look forward to as vacation is a time of peace, a time of forgetting the hustle and bustle of life, of home, of office, of work; in fact of the world at large. Vacation is a time when one just wants to be alone or with loved ones. Its ideal if such travel for vacation has no rushing about for checking in or for checking out of hotels, no hassle from a hotel front desk. What better choice when traveling for vacation than to go to a choice and private vacation spot, where you may choose a vacation rental where one needs not be among the crowded hotel lobby, the crowded restaurants, the crowded holiday makers transport, their children and all their luggage.

The choicest spot for traveling on vacation is to a seaside location on tropical islands. Such facilities are now accessible right from your living rooms, where enquiries and bookings of all traveling and vacation arrangements can be made on line. This facilities is made available in a website, access worldwide, where owners and managers can list their vacation rentals.

From the Americas, the West Indies are the choicest.

In the Caribbean islands such facilities are available, for traveling to and renting of beach houses, villas, condos or even your very own private resort. http://www.goin2travel.com/goin2caribbean.htm

Bahamas is one of the favourite spots that has much to offer in such on line traveling and vacation arrangement. Nassau on the Bahamas is an international city, and the Bahamas is the closest islands to the United States. http://www.goin2travel.com/bahamas.htm

And if one likes to be in the more private spots and in the centre of the Caribbean Sea then Cayman Islands is an ideal place. http://www.goin2travel.com/cayman.htm In the Cayman Islands there are condos and villas, for booking, facing the open seas, where one can also partake the open seas activities such as scuba diving


UK cheap hotels

Visiting the UK, one may like to visit some of the places of interest to immerse in the local culture and participate in the events of the locals. And bearing in mind getting accommodation at the most competitive price without digging deep into ones pocket.

Visiting Edinburgh, one may not be excused if one does not look forward to witnessing Edinburgh Festival in August each year, and a must visit to Edinburgh Castle. The Edinburgh Tatoo (image below)is a must see. And Edinburgh has an old city and now a new city, combined, making it a place worthwhile visiting. A place full of history for Scotland, a beautiful City with beautiful Scottish countryside. But most of all when one think of Scotland, one thinks of Scotch whisky which Edinburgh can surely offer.

Going west of Scotland, one sees Glasgow, a City which was the centre of commerce and entrepreneurship which today has turned into a Scottish City of style, a city with style shops and culture centres with art galleries and museums (image shows Scotland wild life, this can be found in KELVINGROVE ART GALLERY AND MUSEUM). Every year it holds the International Jazz Festival and in January the Celtic Connections – the world’s largest winter festival of celtic music and culture. The River Clyde has a long history of shipbuilding, and it was from here that the Scots sailed to early America.

And London is a place where everyone has surely heard about, in history, in heritage and in culture. In fact when one mentions any place in London, it is already world famous. The like of Kew Garden (image shows roses outside the Palm House), the West End, Wimbledon, The British Museum, Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, British House of Parliament just to name a few. And of course all the shops in Oxford Street, and the nearby localities. But the London nightlife is a menu to be sampled; the West End has got all the theatres and night clubs and Soho the odds and ends of London nightlife. There is no better place to see the British night life scene than to pay a visit to these two areas at night when one is in London.

Accommodation in Edinburgh, Glasgow or London are available, at prices at the lower rung of GBP 80 for City Centre for Edinburgh, all the year round. It is a good idea if one chooses to be accommodated in an apartment in Edinburgh where one may have the feeling of home away from home. : http://www.cheaperthanhotels.co.uk/United-Kingdom/Edinburgh/

Hotels are cheaper in Glasgow, where one can get a good a reasonably priced hotel for GBP 45 a night. http://www.cheaperthanhotels.co.uk/United-Kingdom/Glasgow/

In London the price of a hotel room is higher, about GBP 100 a night, depending on the locality. http://www.cheaperthanhotels.co.uk/United-Kingdom/London/
However transport in London is so accommodating that one need not choose to accommodate too close to Central London to enjoy the facilities of what Central London can offer.


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

cellular phones

Cellular phones come in many brands with many capabilities; customers tending to select combinations and permutation of such capabilities depending on their needs. These cellular phones physical sizes and their inherent memories also vary. It was originally just a voice communication device, advancing to picture communication capabilities and now even to computer type of capabilities.

From so many brands that came out into the market a couple of years ago, these are now narrowed down into more popular brands, brands and manufacturers that has the niche market. Popular brand names such as Nokia, Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, are the mainstay of cellular phone markets. http://www.shopping.com/xPP-cellular_phones

The market however have less popular brands such as Siemens and RIM

The prices for these cellular phones now varies from as low as $15 to $600+ depending on the cellular phone capabilities. But service plans vary from what the cellular phone is to be used for. These are actually the hidden costs which may not be seen upfront when the cellular phone is purchased.

Presently there are cellular phones with more advance characteristics, fitted with Blackberry, T-Mobile is one. Many are offered very cheaply, just nominal, with special service plan; even though their originally prices may be close to $300 or there about. http://www.wirelessbuy.com/cellphones/view.asp?id=1015

All these cellular phones have additional accessories, hardware and software, for enhancing their capabilities and usefulness of the equipment. These will also add to original purchase prices of the cellular phones.

What a cellular phone may cost now, up front, added with accessories and service plans costs, the device is here to stay.


Sunday, September 30, 2007


Think of beer, then one thinks of Germany. Think of music, art and culture, then one thinks of Austria. And there are no better place to visit in these two countries than Berlin in Germany and Vienna in Austria. Each is the Capital city of the country.

In Germany there is the Oktoberfest (held in Munich), and the Beer Festival in Stuttgart which are held for about 2 weeks for as early as late September to early October each year. Though the main events are held in Munich and Stuttgart, Berlin can be the good jumping platforms for these two southern Cities.

But Germany is also famous for its historical places. Old Palaces and Meuseum are spread all over Germany.
And the State of Bavaria is home to five UNESCO World Heritage sites and the list keeps growing! The incredibly well-preserved old towns of the cities of both Bamberg and Regensburg are the top highlights on the list

Austria is a holiday destination of many facet. Among the famous musical places are Vienna State Opera, Musikverein – Golden Hall, Vienna Mozart Orchestra, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Vienna Boys’ Choir. And among the UNESCO world cultural heritage are Hofburg Castle, the palace, garden and animal park in Schönbrunn. Organised tours can be arranged to show visitors the many facet of the world of Habsburgs, a period of more than six hundred years of Habsburg reign in Austria.

Accommodation in Germany are reasonably priced. In Berlin for example, accommodation can be obtained at Eur 55 per night. http://www.cheaperthanhotels.co.uk/Germany/Berlin/
In other Cities of Germany, prices ranges http://www.cheaperthanhotels.co.uk/Germany/

In Vienna, Austria hotel tariffs may be higher http://www.cheaperthanhotels.co.uk/Austria/Vienna/
It being the main attraction City of the country.
A good 4-star hotel in the city centre in Vienna, is very reasonably priced.
It is provided with modern amenities.


Friday, September 28, 2007

GPS Insight

GPS Insight is a Scottsdale, AZ based company which provides GPS tracking hardware and services for companies operating fleet vehicles. The GPS electronic instrumentations not only tracks the vehicle fleet movement but also the vehicles and the drivers performance on the road, throughout the USA and Canada, giving an every 2 minute report. The data are collected by the GPS hardware and analysed on line for ease of interpretations. And GPS Insight has got that capability, using AT&T Coverage Tool. http://www.gpsinsight.com/blog

It is essential that to continuously maintain the success of a business, the necessary and up to date tool must be utilised, with the assurance of back up services by the supplier. GPS Insight is one such company and may be the leader in such monitoring of a trucking business using the most up to date gps technology.

The data collected on vehicle and driver’s performances are good measures to monitor fuel savings and routing efficiencies, and to actually give indications of manpower efficiency utilization.

A screenshot of a map in the system may look like this. And the shot shows most current fleet vehicle positions on the highway.

The instrument can easily be installed, even on a trial basis for qualified companies. GPS Insight welcome any fleet customers especially those with heavy transport vehicles. No long term contract is involved and a 30 day money back guaranteed is assured. http://www.gpsinsight.com
Product demonstration can be made at site, with customers’ input welcome. Customers need is taken into consideration when the product is installed in the customers vehicles. With such dedication, GPS Insight products is most competitive in its fields.
GPS Insight is a 24/7 company, office hours being almost full day Monday to Friday, and support at other hours are given GPS staff who can be contacted via a dedicated contact number, and e-mail messages. Its a fully service orientated company.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

on line coupons

Its great fun shopping when one uses coupons; and these coupons are now available on line. And the range of merchants that accept these coupons are unbelievable, for example at http://www.couponchief.com/dell

In Dell for example, one only needs to browse through their list of items, and one is virtually in a Dell department store, shopping and saving, and having fun. Browse in other merchants stores, one is in a world of shoppings.

One need not only buy goods and hardware with these coupons, but one can also buy services. http://www.southwestvacations.com/specials/detail.asp?xmlfile=FS0198&cmpid=AFC-CJA&Referrer=S27
such as for travel and vacation.

One can purchase anything to ones fancy, http://www.couponchief.com/all_merchants.html from the a cheap small item such as printing inks to large finance items to mortgage for the purchase of homes. http://www.couponchief.com/abacusmortgageloans

And for the fashionable, http://www.couponchief.com/apparel_women these can be the latest fashions with the best discount.

Those who love their homes http://www.couponchief.com/home_garden is the ideal site to go shopping. And for the gardening enthusiast, one can visit garden plant suppliers such as http://www.couponchief.com/michiganbulb to buy plants/bulbs and seeds to be ready for the next spring planting.

And for those with no internet access, just use the coupons for the internet services that one wishes to have http://www.couponchief.com/internet either for a long term or for short term, maybe just for the period one wishes to shop on line only.


Sunday, September 02, 2007


Think of home décor, one think of, among others, Farrey’s, an online store. Farreys has lighting fittings, ceiling fans, doorware, bath products, kitchen products and ventilation products. These décor products are not only for beauty but also for comfort in living. They are functional.

Farrey’s was founded in 1924, http://www.farreys.com/info/about_us.html first started off as a hardware store and lights products. It has a long history of being reliable, with the family members taking responsibility for the business. Except for a minor glitch in its history, it is a dependable organization with sensitivity to prices and discount, and a good employer. In keeping with time, it increases its products to include baths hardware such as towel racks and toilet paper holders.

Its lighting products include simple indoor light fittings to chandeliers, and outdoor lights fitting for elegant homes. http://www.farreys.com/lighting/chandeliers.html
There are thousands of product range, brand, finish and style in each product classification. These are sold at the lowest prices. And these are from top manufacturers. The styles being from traditional to transitional.

Its other traditional product is bathroom hardware. http://www.farreys.com/bath/hamat_bath_faucets/index.html
It has got strength in bathroom hardware right from the beginning of its history, and now it sells such products from contemporary European designs to classic American style using the latest manufacturing technology. And all products are matching products, to suit individual taste.

The other products worth mentioning here is air moving/flow products such as ceiling fans and ventilation products. http://www.farreys.com/ceiling_fans/westinghouse/index.html
Some are from traditional manufacturers while others are from newer elegance manufacturers, new design, many integrated with light kit. All are quiet and soothing. And of ventilation products, they may even include air purifiers. And these are good for kitchen and even bathroom.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

why360 visitors

Visitor Map
Create your own visitor map!


Friday, August 24, 2007

cheaperthanhotels Australia

Australia is a large island continent but one can look forward to getting reasonable cheap accommodation if one decides to visit some of the big Cities over there.

On the western part of that country, Perth is a City that once one steps down on its soil, one is immediately is attracted to it. And over short stay there are hotels that will fit one modest budget. On an average of about AUD 100.00 plus per night one may get good and very comfortable accommodation by the beach, and Perth has got a beautiful beach. http://www.cheaperthanhotels.com.au/Australia/Perth/
Perth has a beautiful Garden overlooking the City and a beautiful lake where one can take a boat ride to its twin City nearby.

If one decides not to stay in a hotel, one can choose from a list of non-expensive apartments to stay in, home away from home, in the City and with easy access to the Perth International Art Festival.

The Perth International Art Festival is an annual affair, held every summer, It’s the premier cultural event of Western Australia. http://www.perthfestival.com.au/

Moving south east, quite a distance that is one can visit Adelaide, a quiet, calm, liberal City, with a City of contrast, hot and humid summers and very cold winters. The distance from Western Australia is that one need to go by air to arrive comfortably in Adelaide. Accommodation in Adelaide is most reasonable compared to many big Cities in Australia. http://www.cheaperthanhotels.com.au/Australia/Adelaide/ Many reasonably big hotels may only charge AUD 100.00 per night even on a last minute booking.

Another must visit City is Melbourne. Melbourne is the City of Australia, and is the second largest City in Australia. Its well planned streets, its skyscrapers as well as its good facilities for everybody, including shops and bars. And easy traveling arrangement and cheap accommodation. A 4 star accommodation may be as low as less than AUD 100.00. http://www.cheaperthanhotels.com.au/Australia/Melbourne/


Friday, August 17, 2007


When one drives through a residential street with rows of well made and well designed, carefully installed mailboxes attached to the houses or in front of the houses , it is safe for one to give a high opinion of the community living in that area. http://www.mailboxixchange.com/residential-mailbox-packages.html
Those carefully tended gardens and the care taken by the resident to blend the mailboxes with the surroundings gives it an air of importance to the whole community. In fact those carefully designed mailboxes that have been purpose design to blend with the surroundings. And these mailboxes are made with long lasting material and of various designs to suit individual needs and to the approval of the postal authority.

Community and commercial mail boxes are of special kind, they are installed centrally with easy access, may be locked for security reasons and can either be installed indoor or outdoor, depending on the needs of the community. http://www.mailboxixchange.com/commercial-mailboxes.html
Indoor they are most likely floor mounted, and outdoor may be post mounted, all of them in clusters to save space and to minimize material usage. And the cubicle sizes depending on the purpose, a different sixes for letters against those for packages.

The making of mailboxes is an art, the sizes and the forms may be standards, but the mounting can be special. Some mailboxes are mounted on specially designed cedar posts which gives these mail boxes and added attraction. http://www.mailboxixchange.com/wooden-mailbox-posts.html
The beauty and the functionality of these cedar posts is beyond comparison, and these cedar post are long lasting where areas have wide humidity changes.



One sees the real events and real life in real travel. There is no border to such traveling, and many seek experience and be on the ground with real people and real happenings. Varied activities, various style and interesting (and maybe exotic) places. http://realtravel.com/southeast_asia-reviews-hotels-d368.html
There is no limit for choice destination. One can travel to the tropical jungle of Borneo and to the busy metropolitan of London. Or one can choose to be alone on a lonely tropical beach or watching wild animals in their very own environment.

Travel deals and packages can be chosen to suit. http://realtravel.com/travel+deals
One can fly by any choice airline without breaking up the bank, and stay in the most romantic hotel if one is on a honeymoon, or in expensive hotels with very good discount. And real travel webpage gives one all the details. And one can visit many countries at one go. All these can be packaged. There is no limit when one decides to be a real traveler.

Food is always a challenging consideration when one travels. What does one want in food, the variety can be endless. http://blog.realtravel.com/2007/08/16/scrumptious-food-and-wine-in-perugia/
One can always settle for something that one likes and what one is familiar with. There is always a choice in any country, any climate and any surrounding. And one is never cornered for food choice. Even home cooked food, or at least nearest to home cooked food, can be made available in the most primitive of situation, one only needs to ask.


Saturday, June 30, 2007

cheaperthanhotels UK

Spending a day on a business trip or leisure in London is everyone’s dream, whatever the cost. And now many hotels in London are offering a one night accommodation, with breakfast and hotel facilities, for as cheap as GBP 65
and some hotels may even offer lower tariffs, and its worth every penny when one considers the challenges of transport in London. And these hotels are star-rated, 3 and 2 stars. If one wants a 4 star hotel one may even stay just off Central London, in Brentford Middlesex where one will have all the leisure of touring the semi-urban areas. One can book most of those hotels via the internet, with very small deposit to be paid upfront, and payments only made on arrival.

One can travel the UK and get accommodations in hotels in their major cities , such as Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Cardiff or even at Heathrow Airport itself or even at some of their other cities and towns or even a seaside town under hot deals and last minute special, being advertised quite extensively, among others.

The current offer includes all short term stays, inside 21 days accommodation, and also an all year round bookings or even for 1 year ahead bookings. And under special circumstances, Group Discount may be negotiated.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Visit Kauai, the northernmost of the Hawaiian Islands. A package trip will
ease all your worries about the flight to the island and local transport
arrangement on the island. Coach class by air and you will be met at the
island Airport by our trained representative who will take you to your hotel by the beach. The package
will take care of all your accommodation and meals arrangement, you just
relax and enjoy yourself. Even while staying at the beach hotel you can
always call on us if need arises. At the end of the stay we will make all
arrangement to take you to the Airport and to see that you will be safely
put on the flight home.

The package will optionally include trips around the interesting spots on
the island, but without compromise to your free time to get into the crystal clear
sea by your hotel or even to laze around on the deck chair by the beach. The
hotel large swimming pool which overlooks the beach is a very interesting
spot to be in, fresh warm water with food and drinks available at your call.
A place where you can laze around, perhaps taking with you your favourite
book or even doing nothing but sunbathing in the warm of the local
all-the-year-round sun. We will include in the package a dinner in one of
the better restaurants in Lihue

The package is also ideal for a family holiday. We will even take care of
young children accompanying the parents so that the family will really enjoy
themselves in this beautiful and unforgettable tropical island holidays
scenario. And overall the package will be very affordable even with the
family accompanying.

The Package is ideal for a getaway period, a honeymoon, a get together
party, or for a family holiday.


Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I have moved to http://when-i-m-65.blogspot.com/.

This blog will be kept open, to be used as reference. Its getting too big and cumbersome.


Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pak Ngah

Anytime you are in Temerloh (Pahang, Malaysia) on any Sunday, just take a walk along with the local folks in their Sunday Market

(Pekan Sari they say in the local language) and ask for Pak Ngah, the Ubat Kuat (sexually strong medicine) seller and you will be shown him. You won’t miss him. A senior, selling his wares by the road side, his youngish wife bedside him always,

and he will most often be reciting the pantun. And he has a beautiful memory for pantun (a Malay rhythmic poetry mostly in 4 lines verses but some in 6 lines).

He sells mostly locally manufactured, he says he manufactured them himself, aphrodisiac. Well one never knows how powerful his aphrodisiac untills one tries.

He says he has been in the State of Pahang (one of the Sultanates in Malaysia) for the last 40 years. Finished his services with the Malaysia Police, born in the State of Kedah (another Sultanate in Malaysia) and was taken into one of the FELDA scheme in the state of Pahang (FELDA =Federal Land Development Authority scheme) when the Malaysia Government opened up tracts of tropical jungle to give its people land and on these land they planted oil palm and rubber trees, produces of which are sold all over the whole world for foreign exchange.

Pak Ngah is a strong man, one can see his red palm and still bulging arms muscles. He is over 70 years old he says.

A very pleasant and friendly person and one can spend the whole morning at the Pekan Sari listening to his pantun, and seeing his regular customers buying medicine from him.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Kuala Trengganu (KT) weekend

At the weekend, my wife and I and some friends made a trip to Kuala Trengganu. It was a change from the familiar sites of Kuantan Town (where I spend about two weeks in a month, when duty calls) and of busy and humid Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Trengganu is different, in many ways. It has a slight eastern architecture in its buildings, it has got beautiful beach scenery, the sea is bluer and the sand on the beach is whiter. And the people smallish in stature and quite fair in complexion. I am told that many have their ancestory from the Chinese in Yunan Province. I am no historian but what I am writing here is hearsay. And the upper class of the people over there are mostly of the Middle Eastern origins. And presently the Sultan of Trengganu (one of the nine Sultanate States in Malaysia) is the Yang Di Pertuan Agong of Malaysia (The Supreme Ruler of Malaysia constitutionally).

It was a pleasant weekend, and I was glad to take the boat ride and met this young (almost baby, photo above) girl and her young mother. I met them on the boat when I went on a ride crossing the clear bluish water of the Trengganu River mouth. Currently dredging is being done to clear the sand bars which used to block the smooth flow of the River. For the local, crossing the river by this mean is a daily occurrence and is a convenient way of commuting, but of course they can take a long round about ride by bus if they want to get from that side of the river to the Kuala Trengganu town. And what scenery is presented from the other side of the River. Beautiful!.

The smell of the sea, the cool fresh wind from the waters and the pleasant surrounding was invigorating. And with such beautiful scenery and friendly people who can forget Trengganu.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

A local legend of 'lubuk'.

This article very localized. Its basically for Malaysian, and for those living in the State of Pahang (and bringing it down one level further, i.e those living in the District of Temerloh). The place names are also very localised, and very micro. The legends are also very localized and very micro. If anyone were to read this article, I wish to appologise if its irrelevant to be included in a blog with worldwide readers.

I doubt if anyone have heard of a place called Lubuk Mendi. You may have heard of Lubuk Pelang, Lubuk Kerdau or Lubuk Kawah. Lubuk I recall means a place in the river where there rocky bottom, deep water (still or twirling) and associated with crocodiles. These Lubuk I mentioned above are all in Sungei Pahang. Lubuk Pelang is in the Mukim of Pulau Tawar, Lubuk Kerdau in the Mukim of Kerdau and Lubuk Kawah in the Mukim of Bangau (I stand corrected in all these), all in the Temerloh District. There may be other Lubuk in the Sungei Pahang for which I suppose many of you are familiar with.

Lubuk Mendi is in the Mukim of Lipat Kajang, between Kampong Nuar and Kampong Kerai, the Lubuk about 2 km down river to Pulau Pasir Mandi, a big sand bank island in the Middle of Sungei Pahang, near the border of Kampong Lipat Kajang and Kampong Tekal. This Lubuk is an outcrop of hard (volcanic) rock jutting out of the bank of Sungei Pahang, its too hard for the fast flowing water of Sungei Pahang at that point to erode and because the softer soil on the upper part of that hard rock has been eroded, when water hit that rock directly there form a twirl of water which can be very dangerous at high water level, and people in boats avoid that area even those boats with outboard engine. In the middle of that out jutting rock is a rounded hole of about 20 feet in diameter where water seems to be very calm. Its deep. When I was growing up in the kampong, I once with my brother went trying to fish in that still water, and when we casted our fishing line the fishing line weight pulled the line right to the end of my line at the spool and the line was straight right vertical down at the end of my fishing rod. I could not imagine how deep that pool is. We straight away pulled our line, got into our boat and rowed back to our house about 1 km downriver, on the other bank of the river. But the water was so calm, but some people say sometimes the water in that pool twirls slowly and then faster and then slowly again, like what you see in your sink when you wash dishes. People say that Lubuk has a lot of fish. We also knew (and we still think so now) that the Lubuk has a lot of crocodiles in its deep water.

Legend has it that in that Lubuk there is an old crocodile living there. It seems that the crocodile is a twin brother of a human, that is a common human mother, born long ago in that kampong, first the woman mother put it in a basin, then in a pool when it grew bigger and when it was too big let it into the Sungei Pahang where in a dream the mother was told by the crocodile that then it found a residing place in Lubuk Mendi. The mother was told that the crocodile has to be symbolically fed every year first by his brother and when the brother dies by the brother's descendents. Until today one of the brothers descendent is appointed to feet the crocodile in that Lubuk. Now it seems that the old crocodile is too old and to big (and too heavy) to surface so one of the old crocodiles appointed descendent will rise to the surface to meet the human descendent where the human descendent will ceremoniously feed the crocodile by putting his hand deep into the crocodiles mouth holding a sort of charmed ‘kemian’, at appointed time.

True or not, but the legend sticks in the mind of the people in that kampong. Just for the record, no one in that kampong has ever been attacked by any crocodile (to date). Buffaloes can cross at any point of the Sungei Pahang in that kampong without being attacked by a crocodile. Cases has been known where somebody’s boat overturn in the fast current of Sungei Pahang in that kampong, and in panic that person will feel a log under his/her feet and that log will move towards the bank to save the person from drowning. Cases has been known where people from the kampong in search of ‘kijing’( a sort of brownish brackish big smooth shell ‘kerang’ shaped shellfish), normally under old rotting logs by the river bank, hugs a ‘log’ and the log moved slowly and nothing more, with the person hugging just in shock running to the bank, harmless. And I have seen crocodiles in the water in a slow flowing tributary in my kampong. Those are all the excitement that we have ever had with crocodiles in that kampong. Legend has also said that that part of the river belongs to that crocodile family and any other crocodile coming from outside to that part of the river will be attacked and chased off. I have witnessed such crocodile fights in the middle of Sungei Pahang, but I still do not know what the fight was all about.

I have my own views of the situation. When I was small we all used to use the Sungei Pahang for everything. And probably then the crocodiles recognized us human, as the humans in did not harm them. So they were friendly to human as the humans were to them. But again remember that in those days the Sungei Pahang has a lot of fish, and the crocodiles were never hungry. But now with the murky water of the Sungei Pahang and the lack of fish, crocodiles may not even be able to recognise between human and fish and they may also be hungry. I cannot conclude anything but I am just aware of the current situation.

Of the legend about the twin, scientifically I cannot explain it but who knows………….

I have heard a lot of legend about other Lubuk in Pahang (Malaysia), only God knows about the truth of any such legends.


Sunday, April 15, 2007

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Friday, April 13, 2007

An old building

A few months ago I would have never thought that the old building at Jalan (Road) Telok Sisek, Kuantan, Malaysia would be revived. But about 1 month ago I saw some people working on it, and very recently I saw it revived, as a business premises.

That is what it looks like now.

The front porch.

The back with a gazebo, but it seems to be neglected.

The main hall. Observe that staircase to the upstairs (left top corner of the photo) but I did not manage to take photographs of what the upstairs looks like.

And the original tiles leading from the ‘kitchen (and probably dining area) to the main hall.

The kitchen (and probably the dining hall) areas.

Its just my guess, as I saw that the chimney position (top right hand corner of the house photo)

is at the edge of the building but the chimney does not seem to have a bottom, probably that part of the house has been demolished (and changed).

But the washing area seems intact and the window has been bricked over. Just my guess.

There seems to be an underground area, not sure what it was for originally.

I am happy that they have not demolished that building, one can see the date when it was built. It has a local historical value, but in Malaysia such values seems not important unless it has some political connections.

But I am sad that in the process of renovation for whatever the modern use of that building is, they seemed to have changed the facade so that the building originality seems lost.


Sunday, April 08, 2007

Ismail Hussin

Ismail Hussin, I must say that he is one of the better artist in Kuantan (Malaysia) today. I am not in that profession neither do I meet any other artist around Kuantan town but my experience with Ismail Hussin has been very satisfactory, since I met him more than 5 years ago. And I have used his talent to paint some paintings of my family members, using pencil, or pastel or even water colours for scenery.

He has this small studio workshop

in Hyatt Kuantan,

close to the pool.

A very unassuming person, very friendly and very hard working. When I took this photograph of him, it was on a Sunday afternoon, and he was in his studio working, and the photo showing him among his paintings.

His favourite painting? For local character, “Mat Kilau” he says.

And for foreign character, “Mother Theresa”. Strangers, “That blue eyed girl from Afghanistan”, and he is keeping the magazine whose cover shows that ‘girl’. All these paintings have now been sold of course.

Looking around his studio I asked him which is now his favourite painting. He showed me an oil painting on a canvas showing a fisherman’s house by a stream. He is pricing that painting at over RM 3000.00 (USD 1 = RM 3.5 presently).

And my favourite, among the paintings present is an oil paint (?) on a canvas (?) showing a boy with his buffalo. The price? I did not ask him.

He can be contacted at hp: 012-9562392 or e-mail: ismailhyatt04@yahoo.com. His website / homepage is http://www.artismail.com


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Mee - the Artist.

Kuantan (Malaysia) has a beautiful beach called Telok Cempedak, which is on the coast about 5 km from Kuantan Town, and where the local Hyatt Hotel is located.

The beach is a popular family recreation spot, nothing much really, just sand (the beach front has been extended by the Town Council, putting more sand on the beach thus now the beach is about 100 meters further seaward from where it was before the extension),

and a few small restaurants where they sell overpriced local food. Anyway its always pleasant to be there especially during the quiet weekdays; at weekends its too busy with too many visitors.

In that quiet beach in the evening, where wild (?) monkeys gather in search for food from waste bins before they disappear at dusk to go back to their jungle hideout nearby to rest for the night,

and where there is a MacDonald restaurant where licenced Mac food can be obtained,

eating in that restaurant or take way, watching the slow waves in the sea; a very pleasant experience indeed, and where old men probably relax or read papers passing the evening away.

(During the monsoon season the sea can be pretty wild). And in that area is a young artist, doing his work, sketching portraits with his pencils, unperturbed by the curious onlookers and passers by.

“Mee” he said when asked for his name, “From Kuantan” he said when asked where he comes from (Kuantan is the local town). “Been here four years now” when asked how long has he been doing this pencil sketching on this beach. “Had some art education” that was all he was willing to say when asked how he got involved in this sort of business.

Looking at what he was doing, he seemed to have then talent. He has sketched correctly what many of our people looked like, especially our past Prime Ministers, and also some of our past leaders like Dato’ Onn Jaafar.

He was busy doing other portraits given to him when we walked away from him.


Friday, March 30, 2007

Of rats


I must admit that in Malaysia rats are found in almost all the large towns, municipalities and in the City. I have often observed them in the daytime sometime, and at dusk but mostly in the early morning. Especially in areas where there is a high density of eating places such as food stalls and not too expensive restaurants. In such places food are mostly thrown about, and also in such a country as Malaysia where we experience heavy rainfall most of the time, there are many monsoon drains and many openings leading to these monsoon drain resulting in wasted food either getting into these drains or waste food flushed into these drains with the waste water during the washing of plates and dishes. And in these places where rats find food and take refuge. They come out where its quiet, that is why we see them after midnight or in the early morning.

Rats are also to be found in the homes in Malaysia, the reason being that in Malaysia we have this common habit of throwing wasted food into the sink and these gets into the sink outlet drain pipes and thus into the estate drainage system. Rats love these. And in the process rats take refuge in the between the houses drains and sometimes getting into the roofs and into the kitchen cabinets where they may even breed if not discovered early. And they are very cunning, very quiet during the day and only come out at night or in the early mornings, like those in the food stalls and restaurant areas. They can create havoc in the home, gnawing into wood structures of kitchen cabinets and even gnawing the wood structures of doors and windows frames in they find themselves trapped in a room without a mean of getting out.

Its the rats that get into my house, and my nerves that I capture. And I have trapped quite a few. Some just died of natural death (frightened and shocked I presume) and a few I set them free far far away from my house, assuming that they will not get back into the familiar scene of my house. They might get into someone’s far away house though, I wouldn’t know. I was just being humane to the rats.

These rats are mostly quite large and fat, well fed I suppose from all the thrown away food stuff. The ones I see are mostly of brown colour, though I have seem some with somewhat of near brunette fur. These rats are quite vicious, don’t ever get too near them when they are frightened on being trapped. They even try to bite through the metal netting of the trap.

They are mostly bigger than a few weeks old kitten (at least in my local scene), and in some cases even cats get frightened of them.

In some countries the people eat rats, but in Malaysia I have not seen such habit being practiced. I suppose they must be a good source of protein, after all they are of similar size to pigeon which many people eat. Not to mention mouse deer.


I must confess that a rat is not my favourite animal.


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